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Our Innovation Means Business

Ozone?  What is ozone?  

Ozone is a triatomic allotrope of oxygen formed by recombination of oxygen atoms. It is a colorless gas with characteristic pungent odor and can easily be detected at low level of 0.05 ppm. It is a very strong oxidant and is over 3000 times more powerful disinfectant than chlorine. It disinfects, oxidizes, deodorizes, and decolorizes.

Ozone Water Technologies Inc. in Tryon is on a worldwide mission to provide the highest quality of ozone water products to a variety of industries, primarily the laundry industry as utilized in hotels, hospitals, care homes, institutions and commercial laundries. The company also offers products for other commercial applications, such as swimming pools, food processing, sanitation and cooling towers.

Owner Jim Gross is proud of the products that are making a significant impact on the environment, using state of the art technology. Visit the company’s website